100 million times, Bitcoin was mentioned in tweets in 2021

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Bitcoin has received the most attention in its history due to this year’s intense bull run that pushed more than just its price up.

The largest cryptocurrency broke many all-time highs this year, drawing the eyes of the entire at Bitcoin.

Bitcoin received the most attention on Twitter. This shows that there has been a huge increase in the amount of attention it got from the crypto Twitter community or the public this year.

According to data from Visibrain, there were over 100 million tweets mentioning “bitcoin” in 2021. This shows an increase of around 350% from the volume registered in 2020.

The increase in the amount of attention Bitcoin has gotten could be described by the growth of the interest in crypto in general.

Throughout this year, the crypto industry has had some major news that swung Bitcoin’s price significantly. In February, Bitcoin was trending on every social media platform after Tesla announced the $1.5 billion BTC purchase. In March, Tesla started accepting Bitcoin as payment, causing another surge in mentions.

Moreover, the attention was surpassed just 2 months later when it stopped accepting BTC as a payment option. The same month, China cracked down on Bitcoin mining, which started an exodus of miners from the country, sparking another social media avalanche.

Also, El Salvador introduced Bitcoin as a legal tender, which rendered the same amount of media attention as the passing of the law in September.