276,592,553,073 SHIB Bought By Ethereum Whales, Shiba Army Get Ready

Many unknown crypto whales have bought large amounts of SHIB tokens, while Shiba Inu is trading just below its recent all-time high.

According to the Shiba Inu News Twitter account, Ethereum whales have bought 12,289,245,806 SHIB tokens worth $11,510,207 on October 26. This comes after the Shiba Inu token impressive rally, reaching many all-time highs. Thus, it attracted investors from around the world.

The user tweeted saying,

"Wow... An Ethereum whale just bought 276,592,553,073 #SHIB token ($11,510,207 USD) We haven't seen a whale transaction THIS BIG in quite some time. This is massive and sends a clear signal that He/She knows something is coming."

Based on the account holder, the whale seems to know that something big is about to happen. As a result, the Shiba Army should be ready.

Recently, an anonymous whale also bought 6 trillion SHIB in a single transaction. It seems like none want to miss out on Shiba Inu as many are making millions from the "Dogecoin Killer."