400 High Sloth NFTs sold out for $1.2 million in 29 minutes

The fresh NFT drop from the High Sloth Society of 10,000 Elite Sloths just held a public sale for $1.2 million, which sold out in 29 minutes. The public sale of the High Sloth Society NFTs began on April 28th at 12 p.m. UTC.

High Sloth NFTs sold out in 29 minutes for $1.2m
Screenshot from High Sloth

For 400 of the famed sloth collection, the Dutch auction started at 1 ETH PER NFT. The price of NFTs was meant to reduce every 30 minutes, according to the auction system.

However, on the 29th minute, the entire collection sold out for a total of 400 NFTs for 400 ETH. The community's and investors' enthusiasm instills confidence in the project's utility and functionality.

The High Sloth Society is a group of people who are no longer concerned with money and instead want to concentrate on what money cannot purchase.

The consumers are given the option to have a direct interest in the ancient items by owning a high sloth.

The rest of High Sloth Society's collection has yet to be live, but it will be available for public purchase soon.

Similarly, HSS just acquired an artefact from Asia and registered it on the blockchain in a first-of-its-kind achievement.

The High Sloth Society's NFT membership holders have the opportunity to take firsthand interest in these ancient items.

Aside from that, the High Sloth Membership offers branded games, branded shops, and members-only clubhouses with increasing advantages.

HeritageDAO, the first decentralised autonomous entity in crypto history to purchase a national treasure, has brought HSS to the world.