6 million DC Comics Trading Cards with redeemable NFTs will be produced by Warner Bros

Over 6 million DC Comics-inspired physical trading cards packaged with redeemable NFTs will be available later this month, according to Warner Bros.


The hybrid card packs will range in price from $5 to $120, with buyers accessing their physical cards NFTs via an app called Hro.

The cards will be designed by Cartamundi, a card and board game firm, and will contain 155 different superheroes. The NFTs are created on Ethereum's Immutable X sidechain.

Warner Bros. also plans to release a few limited-edition cards with graphics and characters from Robert Pattinson's latest DC Comics picture, "The Batman."

Note that NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital tokens that represent ownership of an asset on a blockchain like Ethereum. Because of their subjective value, variable rarities, and collector ethos, non-fungible tokens are frequently compared to trading cards.

"Trading cards have long been a favorite among collectors. In a statement, Pam Lifford, president of global brands and experiences for Warner Bros, said, "Combining that love for collecting with a bespoke NFT is just amazing."

Prices for the "hybrid" card packs will range from $5 to $120. To redeem the NFT components on their physical cards, as well as buy, sell, or trade other NFTs from the collection, buyers will need to download the Hro mobile app.

This development comes after Warner Music Group announced a partnership with Splinterlands, a play-to-earn NFT game, to give musical artists more access to NFT marketplaces.