A Blockchain-Based NFT Card Game Announces a Partnership With NBA Star

Blockchain-based NFT card game, LegendsofCrypto (LOCGame), has announced a partnership with Michael Carter-Williams, an American professional basketball player for the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

A Blockchain-Based NFT Card Game Announces a Partnership With NBA Star. Optimisus
Carter-Williams by Orlando Magic daily

The 29 years old icon was drafted in the first round with the 11th overall pick in the 2013 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers.

According to the LOCGame team, the partnership is a long-term collaboration, allowing them to produce a series of personalized NFT cards for Michael Carter-Williams. Further, LOCGame said that the NFT partnership with the NBA player is an expansive marketing plan.

The firm said that the project would serve as an example of the "unending possibilities the sports world can bring to the NFT gaming sphere."

In addition, the LOCGame team said that Michael would work as a leading marketing figure for the platform. Also, he will break down NFT gaming on LOCGame’s podcast, LOCPOD. Also, he will share more about his interest in the crypto space.

Following this partnership With Michael, the CEO and founder of LOCGame, Mik Mironov, the collaboration with Michael "elevates the LOCGame gaming studio and overall project to a completely different level on all fronts."

Moreover, Mironov added,

“Our Partnership With Michael And His Team Confirms Our Strategy And Business Is Destined For Greatness. We Look Forward To Creative Collaborations In The NFT Space And Bringing LOCGame Into The Spotlight In Top Sport Circles In North America And Beyond.”

With this partnership, Michael becomes a strategic LOCGame team member. He will help bring in more cross-collaboration with professional gaming and other NFT projects. More so, Michael Carter-Williams will work as the team’s Sports Advisor.

The LOCGame team further said they would design 21 personalized cards for Michael and eventually get spun into their game design, depending on their rarity levels.

LOCGame also is finalizing its LOCGameMarketplace, where players can access these cards.