A hacker was unable to grab $1 million in treasure after attacking a DeFi Protocol

A little theft occurred – and the hacker failed to make off with the stolen cash.

The flaw was discovered in Zeed, a lesser-known DeFi protocol that bills itself as a "independent decentralized financial integrated ecosystem" based on BNB Chain.

The protocol was attacked around 7.15 a.m. UTC, with extra awards being minted. The token's price plummeted to zero after the awards were sold on the market.

The hacker then destroyed the contract that was used in the exploit. In communications to The Block, security expert PeckShield confirmed that any tokens owned by the contract could no longer be moved.

PeckShield observed, "The hacker terminates the contract but forgets to send the profit."

BlockSec, a blockchain security firm, adds, "Surprisingly, before self-destructing the attack contract, the attacker does not transfer the tokens gained. He/she was probably overjoyed."

It's unclear what may have stopped the hacker from stealing the tokens.