A State in India To Use Ethereum Blockchain To Check Diploma Certificates

The Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD) announced a partnership with LegitDoc, an Indian blockchain startup company.

Maharashtra, India to use Ethereum blockchain to very diploma
Maharashtra to use use Ethereum

According to MSBSD, the new partnership will help them implement a credentialing system based on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain for providing tamper-proof diploma certificates.

This partnership with LegitDoc makes Maharashtra the first Indian state to issue citizen-owned Blockchain digital assets. Also, it places India among early adopters to implement an e-governance system for higher learning.

To counter the rise in document forgery, the Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD) goes against India’s crypto ban narrative to use Ethereum-based public blockchain.

During an interview with Cointelegraph, LegitDoc CEO Neil Martis stressed that while the certificates are checked using the traditional manual methods, MSBSD will start supporting only the digital verification system for all the manual verification requests from next year.

LegitDoc CEO Neil Martis added,

“We have an active work order from the Govt of Karnataka (Dept of Information Technology and Biotechnology). We are in talks with the Government of Telangana (school education dept) and Higher & Technical education dept of Maharashtra to implement LegitDoc for their student community.”