AAX Launches Its NFT Marketplace

With the non-fungible token (NFT) market growing fast, Singapore-based leading crypto exchange AAX plans to launch its own NFT marketplace.

According to Forkast.news, AAX wants to launch its NFT marketplace in the “near future.” Based on the report, AAX runs a campaign in which its users could auction NFTs for charity and get to win themed NFTs after trading.

Also, it is mentioned in the report that AAX is cooperating with a yet-to-be-disclosed NFT artist who will mint a series of NFTs.

In a press release, Toya Zhang, COO of AAX said,

“The total market cap for NFTs is unfathomable. We are taking a small step forward but opening the NFT world to more users, and encouraging artists to try the new formats of work.”

If AAX NFT marketplace idea happens, it will make AAX one of the biggest crypto firms to join the list of crypto exchanges to launch their own NFT marketplace. The list includes Crypto.com, Binance, Japanese-owned Coincheck, India-based WazirX, and many others.