About 430 million SHIB burned in the last 24 hours

According to the Shibburn Twitter account, a massive amount of Shiba Inu tokens have been relocated to dead addresses and permanently withdrawn from circulation in the last 24 hours.

430 million SHIB burned
SHIB token

Almost all of the pyrotechnics were performed by a single company that creates mobile games that aid in the incineration of SHIB.

Furthermore, in order to avoid being accused of defrauding the community, the owner of a prominent Shiba Inu burner has committed to come up with innovative techniques of incinerating tokens.

Recent tweet from the Shibburn account, a total of 429,067,440 SHIB tokens were lost throughout the course of the day due to being locked up in various unspendable crypto wallets. This quantity of SHIB was transferred nine times.

415.4 million SHIB were burned

As previously reported by, the Twitter account @317 key declared on February 15 that one of its games, Bricks Buster, would remove 415,555,725 tokens from circulation.

They burnt somewhat more, according to the Shibburn website, which is sharing statistics from the Etherscan tracker (a total of 415,417,433 SHIB).

The other transactions were three one-million-coin chunks, 10 million coins transfers, and 2 million coins transfer.