An Ethereum Whale bought 442.6 billion SHIB

A high-ranking Ethereum wallet owner has added Shiba Inu tokens to his memecoin holdings, totaling 442.6 billion.

According to a recent tweet from WhaleStats, an investor with a wallet named Dwarf Gimli purchased 442,637,867,858 SHIB worth about $11,561,701, bringing his total holdings to one trillion SHIB.

Note that this incredible purchase of 442,637,867,858 SHIB made the investor a new SHIB whale. This amount is equal to $11,969,061 in the second largest canine cryptocurrency.

Moreover, Gimli currently has a stunning trillion Shiba Inu tokens worth $38,184,560, according to the wallet's webpage.

In early February, another similar occurrence was revealed, in which an investor purchased 3,457,477,154,937 SHIB in a single transaction, making him a new whale. For that quantity of cryptocurrency, he spent $115,998,358.

Shiba Inu, the 14th-ranked cryptocurrency, is trading at $0.00002552 at the time of writing, indicating a minor loss of 4.11 percent. Weekly pricing figures, on the other hand, have climbed by 20.64 percent.