Bilaxy Exchange Got Hacked

Bilaxy crypto exchange got hacked earlier today. The Seychelles-based crypto platform, reported earlier on August 29, that some of its wallets were hacked.

The company tweeted today via its official Twitter account. The team wrote,

"Pls note Bilaxy Hot wallet was hacked, pls DON't send any funds to your bilaxy accounts again. We are racing with the time to check and fix it. Pls wait for further notice."

However, the crypto exchange hasn’t mentioned the amount stolen yet. But some claim that it could be around $450 million in many cryptocurrency wallets.

Also, the Bilaxy team took it to their official Telegram channel and made some updates today saying that the platform had temporarily suspended its services due to maintenance. As of now, their website is still down.

In addition, Bilaxy crypto exchange highlighted that its hot wallet was compromised. Thus it advises customers to not send any funds to their wallets.

Moreover, many addresses have been linked to the hack. One of the addresses has over 55 ETH worth over $179,237.96 (at current ETH price $3,201.01/ETH).

Further, HogeFinance also said that all HOGE tokens stored on Bilaxy were hacked and sent to another wallet. The amount in the wallet has a value of over $22 million.

As the hack is still under investigation, stay tuned to know more about this news.