Bitcoin is absolutely a tool for Social Justice, says former Fed Regulator

According to a former US government regulator turned crypto adviser, Bitcoin is "absolutely a tool for social justice."

A former U.S. government regulator turned crypto adviser claims that Bitcoin is “absolutely a tool for social justice”.
Charlene Fadirepo | Image: Yahoo Finance

Charlene Fadirepo, a former audit manager at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, told Yahoo Finance that Bitcoin is "absolutely a tool for social justice," particularly in relation to Black Americans.

Fadirepo, who is now a Bitcoin adviser, believes that Bitcoin will enable individuals to build generational wealth:

“If you think about Black Americans, we believe that Bitcoin allows [us] to build generational wealth. And not just Black Americans … Latino Americans, the LGBT communities and Indigenous communities. It allows communities to build wealth in communities that have been left out of the discriminatory banking system that we have today.“

Fadirepo claimed that 2021 would be a "breakout year" for Bitcoin, citing the number of high-net-worth individuals and major corporations that had invested in the cryptocurrency.

She also stated that the big picture for Bitcoin is so bright, adding that if you look at Bitcoin over a 10-year period, it has had annualized returns of 200 percent, and in the last two years of this pandemic, it has had returns of 400 percent.

In addition, Fadirepo noted that Gold returned about 15%, while the S&amp delivered 42%. So those are incredible returns for any asset class, but especially for Bitcoin.