Bitcoin Non-Believer Regrets Not Buying BTC as it Could Go to $100K or $1M

CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., Peter Schiff admitted Bitcoin's (BTC) price could rise to $100,000k. As a matter of fact, he regrets not buying some in 2011.

The full-time bitcoin critique Peter Schiff confessed that BTC’s price could have another impressive run by reaching $100,000.

According to an interview with Coin Stories, the long-time bitcoin non-believer said he regrets non buying cryptocurrency but eventually remained as bearish as he ever was.

Peter Schiff is famous within the crypto community as the ultimate basher, as he takes every chance to take a wound BTC and the altcoins. Four months ago, Peter Schiff called cryptos a joke.

Also, one month later, he said buying Bitcoin is gambling, not investing on May 17.

During the podcast, he spoke to Natalie Brunell from Coin Stories. He refuted the belief that Bitcoin will ever be adopted as a means of payment by the mass population.

In addition, he noted that no landlord would decide to accept BTC for rent, as its price goes up and down with massive balances. Therefore, he thinks bitcoin’s only value is for people to reflect on it.