Bitcoin Smashes a New ATH Above $67K, Becoming The Most Trending Word on Twitter

Bitcoin just smashed its previous all-time high of $65,000, hitting $67,000 on CoinMarketCap. At press time, the largest crypto exchange is trading at $66,659 with 6.68% and 18.71% profits in the daily and weekly charts, respectively.

Bitcoin is trading high like never before. This bullish momentum seems unstoppable at this point with the general market sentiment flashing extreme greed for many weeks. The king of cryptos by market cap just can't stop, and some analysts and experts say that it could reach $100k before the end of 2021.

This price rally comes after the approval of the first Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. As a result, the hashtag #BTC and #Bitcoin became the most trending words on Twitter with over 1 million times used. Bitcoin seems to break the internet on October 20, 2021, with many new records.

Of course, the crypto Twitter community couldn't just leave this bullish moment go like that so, many reacted. Crypto analyst, Pompliano shared a meme of BTC killing the $50k level and now is at the door of the $100k level, waiting to smash it.

Also, many other users reacted.