Blockchain-Based Digital Art Installation to Roll Out in Vancouver Biennale

Kusama, the blockchain-based digital art, is set to launch at Vancouver Biennale as part of a massive art exhibition.

Kusama, the blockchain-based digital art. Kusama, Polkadot
Image of Kusama by Kusama

Kusama is a decentralized blockchain network built as a canary chain to the blockchain network Polkadot.

Based on reports, the Canadian public art exhibition group Vancouver Biennale will expose an art installation. This installation merges physical and digital realities with blockchain technology.

The new Voxel Bridge installation is a blockchain-based augmented reality (AR) experience. More so, people can view it with iOS or Android devices.

In addition, the local report stated that the installation is about to go public and will launch on August 10 until spring 2023.

A New York-based artist, Jessica Angel, an expert in public space construction and utilization in digital and physical realities would install the 1,800 square meter art object.

In the real world, the art has a shape of a massive two-dimensional vinyl mural. Also, the piece simultaneously resides in augmented reality within the app and lives on a blockchain network. The installation is a digital, visual design of the Kusama network.

Regarding this, Angel said,

“Art is a mobilizing force with the power to bridge seemingly dissimilar worlds, and Voxel Bridge exhibits this capacity. This installation transcends the enjoyment of art into a unifying and experimenting effort that enables blockchain technology, AR, and public art to examine new ways of interaction."

The firm said that viewers could see, touch, and hear the story of the Kusama Network via 20 animations, with each of those in the form of a unique non-fungible token (NFT) existing on the blockchain.

Furthermore, the NFTs will be on sale on the Kusama art marketplace RMRK. The fund will be used to compensate the project, which costs over $300,000 (more than the budget, according to reports).