Britney Spears Uses Crypto To Hide Wealth From Her Family

The American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress Britney Spears used crypto to hide wealth from her family.

Britney Spears used crypto to hide wealth from her family.
Britney Spears pic by Vogue

The news was revealed by Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, the hosts of the “Toxic” podcast that investigates Britney Spears’ highly controversial conservatorship case.

According to the two hosts, the singer got into Bitcoin and crypto back in 2014. They added that this is based on the materials and reports they’ve received.

the report say that Britney Spears allegedly had to resort to using the pseudonymous crypto to hide even small purchases from her father and conservator Jamie Spears.

On July, Spears’ surprising public testimony broke the internet. It sprinkled light on her 13-year conservatorship and justified the long-simmering #FreeBritney movement.

Based on interviews, the best-selling female artist of the millennium stated that she was “afraid” of her father. Also, she claimed that he and the rest of the Spears family had “ruined” her life. Moreover, she added that they put her on lithium, forced her to perform, and refused her to have more children among other abuses.

In addition, the frightening revelations of the "Stronger" singer sparked a significant complaint. Many people, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, threw their support behind the #FreeBritney movement.