BTC Price to Surge $100K in 6-Months, Says Florian Grummes

Midas Touch Consulting managing director Florian Grummes has shared his view about the flagship crypto Bitcoin (BTC).

BTC Price to Surge $100K in 6-Months, Says Florian Grummes
BTC to $100k | Image: Optimisus

Grummes said he strongly believes that Bitcoin price would soon surge to $100,000 in 6 months.

In a Youtube video, Grummes stated that the BTC price surge will occur soon after it has experienced a reduction of $25,000. Further, he shared his concerns in the interview regarding the novel crypto rally.

To highlight this, Grummes even advised that investors should trade Bitcoin with more caution and stop how they quickly jump into the crypto market.

With this said, Grummes added that he has high expectations that there would be a short-term correction in Bitcoin price again.

He said,

"After a first sell-off,” and expects a new sell-off that could see BTC get to $25,000. however, bitcoin may turn around at any point and move upwards."

To add more, Grummes again emphasized that he expects Bitcoin to enter a historical trend whenever it manages to hit the $100,000 price mark. If this happens, BTC will be able to increase overwhelmingly in price. Aside from this, Bitcoin could experience a sell-off of about 70%.

Furthermore, Grummes mentioned that there will be a greater reduction in Bitcoin’s volatility than what it currently has. But still, BTC will be at the top. In the coming years, Grummes believes that Bitcoin would trade at $1 million and over.