Cardano CEO Starts Cardano Africa Tour to Support Future Innovations

Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson started the promised Cardano tour around Africa as he sees great potential for this continent in the future regarding blockchain adoption.

Charles Hoskinson has tweeted pictures of his trip in Africa, specifically in the CiTi (“Cape Innovations and Tech Initiative”) in Cape Town as proof that the Cardano African tour is underway.

On October 10, IOHK boss tweeted that he was ready to start the Cardano tour that would begin from South Africa to Egypt. Moreover, on October 15, he took part in a “fireside chat” of the CiTi event.

During that event, Hoskinson emphasized that he believes Africa has a key role in the global future as it will be one of the first continents that will start using and producing blockchain-based products in its economy and other spaces.

Note that, IOHK, the company behind Cardano, entered into a new partnership. With this partnership, Cardano plans to invest $6 million to support local IT companies that will be building their products on Cardano.