Cardano Vasil Hard Fork is one step closer following successful testnet

The long-awaited Vasil upgrade for Cardano (ADA), which promises to increase the network's scalability and performance, has "successfully" completed the testnet and is anticipated to be live on the mainnet in a month.

The research and development firm behind the Cardano blockchain, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), said on Sunday that:

"We are pleased to announce that the IOG team successfully hard forked the Cardano Testnet at 20:20 UTC today. This is a crucial next step on the road to the Vasil mainnet upgrade."

The team also requested that blockchain engineers and stake pool operators (SPOs) begin the final testing and integration procedures. "Vasil is a difficult piece of work. SPOs will need to make some scripting tweaks, and projects will need to check for backward compatibility "explained IOHK.

A metaverse on the Cardano blockchain called Cardalonia similarly declared the testnet launch to be successful a few hours later and added that the hard fork is now "inevitable."

The Vasil hard fork is anticipated to launch on the mainnet four weeks after it does so on the testnet, which suggests that the upgrade would become operational in the first week of August.

The update, which comes after the hard fork of Alonzo that enabled smart contracts, is intended to give Cardano considerable performance and capabilities improvements. This will be accomplished via the upgrade's increased script productivity and cost savings.

Originally, the update was scheduled to debut on June 29. However, IOHK acknowledged that there would be a brief delay, according to a blog post.

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