Coinbase Pro Now Supports Avalanche's AVAX Token

Coinbase Pro users can start trading Avalanche (AVAX) tokens on the platform now. The US crypto-based exchange announced the news on September 29, in a blog post.

In the blog post, Coinbase Pro said that its users can now transfer C-Chain AVAX tokens into their account. In addition, AVAX trading will start on or after 9 AM Pacific time on September 30, according to the exchange team.

Moreover, the trading will start only when the liquidity requirements on the platform are met. Added to this, the company says that AVAX token is currently not available on the standard Coinbase platform or its consumer apps.

The Coinbase team said,

“C-chain Avalanche addresses start with ‘0x’,” Coinbase clarifies on its blog. “Sending Avalanche on P-chain or X-chain or any other assets to a Coinbase Pro wallet will result in permanent loss.”

In addition, the Avalanche team wrote on their Twitter about the listing. They team said that this listing increases the accessibility of Avalanche to a broader set of users, including those in the US.

Note that Avalanche is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain platform developed by Ava Labs. Recently, Avalanche secured $230 million in a token sale led by Polychain and Three Arrows Capital.

This listing just made Coinbase Pro one of many crypto exchanges to add support for AVAX tokens.