Crema Finance hacker refunds $7.6 million in stolen crypto

Crema Finance, a focused liquidity protocol on Solana, was hit by a flash loan exploit on Sunday.

At the time of the incident, the losses were estimated at 69,422.9 SOL and 6,497,738 USDC stablecoin, totaling almost $9 million.

According to a Crema Finance post, the perpetrator refunded the stolen money after a negotiation.

Crema Finance confirmed that the hacker moved 6,064 ETH worth around $7 million and 23,967 SOL worth about $870,000 into the team's Solana and Ethereum wallets in four transactions.

The hacker was allowed to keep 45,455 SOL ($1.65 million) as a bounty prize under the terms of the agreement.

The team has dubbed the attacker a "white hat," a term used to describe ethical hackers. This means Crema Finance is unlikely to seek legal action against the still-unknown hacker.

“After a long negotiation, the hacker agreed to take 45,455 SOL as the white hat bounty. Now we have confirmed the receipt of 6,064 ETH + 23,967.9 SOL in four transactions,” the team said.

Following the hack, the team attempted to negotiate with the hacker by sending an on-chain message offering a bounty reward.

The following day, it received an on-chain response from the hacker, who wrote, "Crema team, since you are attempting to contact me to negotiate, let's chat."

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