to sponsor FIFA World Cup 2022

According to a press statement issued today, will become a sponsor of the FIFA World Cup this year. is FIFA World Cup 2022 official sponsor. X FIFA | Image:

FIFA will be sponsored by

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar in November and December 2022 will be sponsored by, according to FIFA.

During the football tournament, will establish a brand presence both inside and outside stadiums. Users will be able to attend matches and win prizes through the exchange.

The event's only crypto trading platform sponsor will be Budweiser, McDonald's, the electronics business Hisense, and the smartphone company Vivo are among the other sponsors.

FIFA's Chief Commercial Officer, Kay Madati, stated that the organization is "delighted to have a worldwide brand like join us as a sponsor" of the pro soccer event this year.

"There is no platform bigger...than FIFA's worldwide platform of football," Madati said. The recent FIFA World Cup in 2018 was watched by over 3.5 billion people, ensuring that the sponsorship contract will be extremely prominent around the world.

For instance, is the third-largest exchange in terms of trading volume, with $3.8 billion traded in the last 24 hours. It claims to have a global customer base of over 10 million people.

However, the sum of money involved in the transaction was not revealed.

Previous Sponsorships in Sports

Note that has a slew of other sponsorship partnerships, with the company reportedly spending over $400 million on them by late 2021.

Several more cryptocurrency firms have forged sports alliances. FTX is the most well-known, having struck arrangements with the NBA and MLB, as well as purchasing naming rights to at least two facilities and negotiating a variety of other deals.