Crypto Market Cap Climbs to $2.5T as 10K BTC Were Dumped on OKEx

Another day, another news in the digital finance world as the crypto space is experiencing reactions these days. Today, the global crypto market cap has seen an upward surge of around $2.5 trillion. This means that since the beginning of this year, the crypto market has risen by nearly 233%.

More so, this increase in the crypto market cap value is a welcoming indication that the crypto community loves to hear or see. In fact, the trading volume of Bitcoin pairs has also increased drastically in response to the 10,000 BTC sold today on the OKEx crypto exchange.

The news was shared by Wu Blockchain on October 18. Precisely, Wu Blockchain mentioned the BTC/USDT trading volume data directly from TradingView.

Crypto market cap climbed to over $2.5 trillion in reaction to 10,000 Bitcoin dumped on the OKEx crypto exchange.
BTC/USDT volume | Image: TradingView

In the data, the Chinese reporter highlighted that another pending 14,000 BTC sell order is still on the OKEx exchange. After that, the report also said that the pending order got away by the buy order that was also in BTC/USDT.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Magazine also tweeted that the $38 billion Grayscale Bitcoin trust will soon be converted into Bitcoin’s Future Exchange-traded Fund (ETF). This milestone would be achieved after the proposals filed to approve the ETF are accepted.