CryptoPunk Owner Turns Down $9.5M bid for His Rare NFT

The owner of one of the most popular non-fungible tokens (NFTs) CryptoPunk has refused a 2,500 ETH worth $9.5 million offer for his rare CryptoPunk NFT #6046.

According to Etherscan reports, poap.eth a bidder on the Larva Labs NFT marketplace placed the bid but the CryptoPunk's owner, alias Richerd, tweeted just 15 hours later saying,

“My punk is not for sale. Don't care what anyone offers me.”

Note that his CryptoPunk is one of the 3% to have rare traits of 3D glasses. Aside from this, only 10% have a cigarette in their mouth, and only 4% have 'frumpy' hair.

In addition, Richerd again tweeted noting that he wants to thank everyone who has been a supporter of him and his Punk 6046. However, Punk 6046 can't be bought. But, he thinks it's nice that someone thinks that he is worth at least 2500 ETH ($9.5M).

For instance, CryptoPunk #6046 bid could have been the largest ever on-chain NFT sale in US dollars. But Richerd chose to reject the offer.

CryptoPunk is an NFT collection of unique 10,000 randomly generated pictures designed by the startup Larva Labs. CryptoPunks is on one of the biggest NFT collections in the NFT space. Many celebrities also got their hands on some pieces.