DeMons NFT to Have Its Own Utility Token

DeMons NFT announced it will have its own utility token. DeMons — Decentralized Monsters is a gamified, hand-drawn, collectible NFT series on Zilliqa Blockchain.

DeMons NFT to Have Its Own Utility Token
DeMons NFT | Image:

According to the DeMons NFT website, users can earn its utility token — DMZ by just holding the NFTs in their wallets while gamifying the NFT holding experience.

With its governance and utility token — DMZ, DeMons is set to reinvent the narrative around NFTs. In addition, DeMons said it focuses on 3 main aspects of NFT spaces. This includes DeFi, gamification, and democratizing rarity around NFTs.

What is more, DeMons stated that it is much more than just a regular NFT collection as it gives financial strength to NFT holders. Users can avail of a complete NFT ecosystem, including its voting portal, governance portal, and more specifically-created for collectors, investors, gamers, and traders.

With its DeMonVerse, DeMons injected a blend of digital art and collectibles with the entire network set by both the creators and consumers.

Following this, the company added, "Unlike other collectibles, where the makers determine the rarity of all features, we have added two layers of scarcity: supplying a set of traits to give basic advice to the customer, but also giving rise to many implicit traits that are unaccounted for."