eBay submits three trademark applications as it explores the metaverse and NFTs

After submitting numerous trademark applications for various products in the metaverse, American eCommerce juggernaut eBay is the most recent well-known brand to show interest in the area.

eBay submitted applications for non-fungible tokens (NFT), NFT markets, NFT trading, and online storefronts for both physical and virtual items.

On June 23, the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) received the application.

An analysis of the software reveals that the eBay metaverse project aims to provide services similar to an interactive website that enables users to interact with digital assets on the blockchain. The business also intends to provide exchange services for NFTs.

eCommerce platforms are expected to benefit significantly as the metaverse concept develops by providing features like personalized consumer experiences, more customer involvement, and improved customer experiences.

Notably, while eBay fights the present economic crisis, its foray into the metaverse may help it grow its business and draw in new clients.