Elon Musk Predicts Bitcoin Price Reaching $69,000

Elon Musk is at it again with crypto tweets, but this time it's about Bitcoin. He posted a tweet about Bitcoin hitting $69,000.

As Bitcoin price hit $67,000 in the last 24 hours, many people reacted to this momentum bullish. Elon Musk is one of them. Even though Bitcoin is still swinging between $64,000 and $66,000, the CEO of Tesla posted a picture showing a man and a lady cuddling on the bed and staring at a board with Bitcoin at $69,000 level and Ethereum at $4,200.

Following his tweet, the crypto community also reacted. According to crypto influencer Anthonio Pompliano, Musk missed the opportunity to mention the $69,420 price tag that could potentially break the internet.

The price of $69,420 that the crypto analyst mentioned comes from a tweet that the billionaire posted on June 29, 2021. In the tweet, Musk mentioned 69 days after 4/20 again and finished with a laugh "haha."

Note that the number 69 and 4/20 also seem to have some special importance for Musk based on his tweets. Last October, the Tesla company changed the price of the Tesla Model S to (you guessed it) $69,420.

Does this mean that the billionaire Elon Musk knows something about the crypto that none knows? Or just speculation? What is sure, is that the crypto community should expect to see more of this 69 and 4/20 jokes or memes.