Ertha Metaverse raises $5.4 Million from Top VCs in a funding round

Updated: Jan 27

Ertha Metaverse closed a funding round with $5.4 Million raised from top VCs from its private sales and IDO.

Ertha Metaverse raises $5.4 Million from Top VCs in a funding round
Ertha Metaverse | Image: Erthium

A play-to-earn project on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ertha, concluded its multi-phase funding round.

According to Ertha Metaverse, its multi-phase fundraising campaign has been completed.

A GameFi protocol running on top of BSC noted that a total of $5,400,000 is raised from high-profile venture capitalists, including but not limited to Polygon Syndicate, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Zen Capital, and many other prominent VCs.

Aside from funding from VC foundations and angel investors, Ertha also raised funds from participants of initial decentralized exchange offerings.

For instance, each of Ertha's 3 rounds was sold out in just minutes. This success is also attributed to the project's community-building breakthrough.

Note that Ertha Metaverse now has around 50,000 subscribers on Discordover and over 70,000 followers on Twitter.

Also, Ertha reached 7,500 in-game land plots sold. As the number of land plots for sale is limited at 350,000, nearly 10% of its land is sold out.

In addition, Ertha's tokenomics lets its players profit from owning and trading HEX land plots. So, each of these plots can generate passive income, meaning players can collect in-game taxes and revenue from all activity that takes place near this plot.