Ethereum's dominance increases over the last week as altcoins perform better

Ether's dominance increases over the last week as alternative currencies perform better.

Over the past week, cryptocurrency prices finally gleamed brilliant green, providing the sector with a long-needed break from the harshness of the ongoing bear market.

Since last Friday, the total capitalization of digital assets has increased by almost 16 percent, amounting to roughly $143 billion in nominal value.

According to TradingView's Total Crypto Index, the total value of cryptocurrencies is at $1.045 trillion, down 52% from the beginning of the year.

However, there were advances almost everywhere, with nearly every top-100 cryptocurrency by market value gaining ground.

The governance token for the liquid staking network Lido, LDO, took the lead with a price explosion of 80%. This week, the team made a commitment to enlarging over the full Ethereum layer-2 environment.

Long-lasting forks of the blockchain came in second and third. With the network's upcoming conversion to proof-of-stake, Ethereum Classic (ETC) saw a 75% increase amid rumors that ether miners would switch to the network, while Bitcoin Gold (BTG) saw a 50% increase in price without any discernible reason.

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