FTX Exchange to Support Solana NFT projects

The Bahamas-based FTX crypto exchange announced that it plans to support prominent Solana NFT projects in its cross-chain marketplace.

In a tweet, the crypto derivatives exchange FTX said it will support Solana NFT projects, including Aurory, Degen Ape Academy, Thugbirdz, and Solana Monkey Business.

Note that the company announced the new NFT marketplace earlier this year. It is called SOLSEA. Moreover, the project also supports Opensea NFT collections like Art Blocks and Bored Yacht Ape Club, a collection of over 10000 ape avatars on the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition, users could register on the FTX.US domain. According to FTX.US president Brett Harrison, deposits and withdrawals will allow users to deposit external NFTs from peer-to-peer platforms, including Opensea and Solanart into the FTX marketplace.

Moreover, the company said a fee will be charged upfront to mint an NFT to combat counterfeit submissions. Thus, FTX will charge the buyer and seller 5% apiece for each sale.