GameStop announces the launch of their cryptocurrency wallet and NFT platform

GameStop has released an Ethereum-based self-custodial wallet that will work with a forthcoming NFT marketplace.

GameStop crypto and NFT wallet

GameStop, an American electronics retailer, has entered the cryptocurrency world by releasing a proprietary blockchain wallet with nonfungible token capabilities.

Through a self-custodial browser plugin based on the Ethereum blockchain, players will be able to acquire, send, and store Ether (ETH), ERC-20 tokens, and NFTs. A smartphone app is also being developed.

The wallet will be powered by Ethereum's Loopring layer-2 scaling protocol, which is built for decentralized exchanges and offers high throughput, low-cost trading, and payment capabilities.

The wallet extension will be available for download and installation through the Chrome Web Store. GameStop Wallet will integrate with its future NFT marketplace, which is set to open in the second quarter of the company's financial year, similar to MetaMask's Chrome plugin.

In February 2022, GameStop announced a collaboration with ImmutableX, with the Ethereum NFT scaling platform being chosen to build the famed brick-and-mortar video game retailer's unique NFT marketplace.