Greek Artist Uses Assange NFT Drop to Send Pro-Freedom Message

To support the activist who is being held captive, renowned artist Miltos Manetas will tokenize 50% of his Julian Assange images.

The NFT drop's revenues will go into a DAO that is a component of the Venice Biennale Festival's Internet Pavilion, a tech tent established by Manetas in 2009. This will further emphasize the blockchain connection.

Buyers will have access to one-of-a-kind digital reproductions of the hand-painted portraits Manetas has been creating over the past two years thanks to the special collection of 111 NFTs titled This Cannot Be Erased.

Starting on June 23, 37 tokens will be issued on the Materia blockchain as part of the collection's three parts.

The 59th Venice Biennale will take place this year from April 23 to November 27. While most of the festival's tents are reserved for nations, Assange is honored in the Internet Pavilion, which has the slogan "AIIA - Assange is Internet, Internet is Assange."

Manetas created This Cannot Be Erased with assistance from longtime partner Howie B, a British musician who composed the music for the initial Internet Pavilion event thirteen years ago.

The artist has consistently expressed his support for a man he considers to be a close friend, and the most recent collection expands on Manetas' interest in freedom in the internet age.

The artist, whose digital creations have previously been displayed on the virtual reality platform Second Life, compares the incarceration of the WikiLeaks creator to attempts by governments to stifle online protest, which gives rise to the aforementioned topic for this year's Internet Pavilion: Internet is Assange, and Assange is Internet.

The artist painted 111 digitally edited pictures of Assange for the #AssangePower social media campaign, and these 111 NFTs make up the collection.

Following that blitz, Manetas displayed his works at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome and then at the IKOB Museum in Belgium with an exhibition titled Assange Situation - Emergency.

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