Hacked India PM Modi Twitter declared Bitcoin India's legal tender

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi social media account was promoting a crypto scam earlier today.

The official Twitter account of Indian PM Modi was hacked in the morning of December 12, 2021.

Screenshot of India PM Modi Twitter account hacked for promoting Bitcoin. PM Modi Twitter declared Bitcoin India Legal Tender
Screenshot of India PM Modi Twitter account

The attacker tweeted with Modi Twitter account, making Bitcoin India legal tender. In the same tweet, the hacker also added that the country purchased 500 BTC ($24.6 million at the writing time) to redistribute to the country’s residents.

Moreover, the fake message was followed by a link to a giveaway scam.

Furthermore, the personnel managing the PM account contacted Twitter about the issue and it was immediately secured. Adding to this, PM then told his over 73.4 million followers to ignore all the messages that were shared while the account was hacked.

This Twitter incident comes after Modi announced that he would soon give his final words on about regulating the cryptocurrency industry after months of speculation.

However, during a virtual summit with U.S. President Joe Biden, Modi urged governments to work on global regulations for cryptocurrencies and social media and make sure that they do not hurt democratic institutions. Modi said,

"We must ... jointly shape global norms for emerging technologies like social media and cryptocurrencies so that they are used to empower democracy, not to undermine it."