Hacker Refunds All 865 ETH Stolen From Sushi’s Token Platform MISO

Hacker returned all the 865 ETH stolen from MISO, the token platform of the popular DEX SushiSwap.

The incident happened on September 17. More so, SushiSwap’s CTO Joseph Delong announced the news on Twitter.

Delong believed an anonymous architect injected malicious code into the MISO front end, replacing the original contract for the Jay pegs Auto Mart token sale with a private Ethereum address.

In addition, Delong stated in a series of deleted tweets that they believe the attacker was eratos1122, a pseudonymous developer who worked with Sushi and some well-known DeFi projects like Yearn.Finance.

What is more, he posted a document proving a trail of transactions linked to the hacker’s original address. Not to mention that some have been funded by Binance and FTX.

Moreover, Delong also noted they were going to take legal action if the funds weren’t quickly returned. Fortunately, the hacker returned the 865 ETH to the original MISO contract just a couple of hours later.

According to Etherscan data, the hacker’s address was almost completely empty. Aside from this, Delong himself confirmed the news on Twitter.

Even after the refund, the identity of the hacker is still unknown. But eratos112, who was originally accused asked Delong to say sorry and delete the previous tweets.

In addition to this, the Twitter crypto community also reacted to the incident and the way Delong and SushiSwap handled the issue.