Hyundai Motor offers NFT memberships for its new electric vehicle IONIQ 6 EV

According to a news release, Hyundai Motor introduced a non-fungible token (NFT) membership scheme for its new electric vehicle (EV) IONIQ 6, which grants holders unique access to Web3 content.

Hyundai Motor runs NFT memberships for new IONIQ 6 EV
Hyundai Motor NFT

The IONIQ Citizenship grants bearers access to VIP privileges and premium clothing in the virtual world of Planet Hyundai, which is a part of Naver Z's Zepeto metaverse, as well as a gift card to Casetify, which they can use to create a unique phone cover.

The IONIQ Digital Garage, a virtual venue for NFT owners-only activities, will be launched by Hyundai Motor.

To commemorate the concept's unveiling, the automaker airdropped 5,000 works of generative art onto IONIQ 6 last Thursday.

According to the car dealer, Hyundai's IONIQ 5 was the best-selling EV in South Korea from January to May of this year, and its retail EV sales there increased by 179% over the previous year.

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