Ice World NFT Collection Drops on November 14

The ICE WORLD non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection is dropping on November 14. The ICE WORLD NFT features 10,000 NFTs fighting to take over planet Earth.

According to the company behind the digital artworks, the collection is inspired by myths and legends. Aside from this, the team said that the project has a roadmap with many benefits and perks to a strong visual identity and environmental awareness.

In addition, the team says that each NFT is a unique piece of 3D digital collectible, adding that minting and holding an NFT from the Ice World gives users access to all drops in and out of The ICE WORLD NFT.

Driving deeper on the website, the firm adds that 'THE LEGENDARIES' is the rarest NFTs of the collection. As per the company, the NFTs are all hand-drawn and are completely different from the regular collection, and users could mint these NFTs.

Expanding further, the team announced that they will launch a community fund to finance artwork, designs, and initiatives from their holders. What's more, it would be financed by 10% of the royalties and then organize a huge giveaway.

Moreover, holders will get a chance to win 10 digital collectibles. Among the 10 NFTs, one of them will be a LEGENDARY that will be revealed soon.