Illmind, a Grammy-winning producer, wants to use NFTs to "obliterate" the music industry

Grammy-winning producer Ramon "Illmind" Ibanga Jr. has established his own NFT collection named "Squad of Knights," which focuses on teaching and connecting up-and-coming musicians.

Grammy-Winning Producer Illmind Wants to ‘Obliterate’ the Music Industry With NFTs
Illmind | Image: Optimisus

Illmind has worked with some of the biggest stars in rap and hip-hop, including Ye, Drake, Beyonce, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar. Despite his success, the producer has a strong sense of reality and sees NFTs as a method to improve the music industry for all artists.

Illmind explained how he first became interested in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the fall of 2020.

"Everything we do as a music producer is digital... "Right now, we're dealing with copyright infringement, DMCAs, and ownership of specific sound packs," he explained. In addition, he notes,

“So when I heard about NFTs, and hearing that it was sort of like this way to provide authenticity for a digital file, I was immediately curious … and then I decided to release an NFT of a sample pack—of an audio pack—which is basically a collection of 10 original melodies.”

In February 2021, that NFT sample pack sold for 4.5 Ethereum (about $15,700 at the time of publishing).

"It was incredible," Illmind said of his first NFT sale, "since sound bundles go for like $30."

Now, his "Knights" collection of 8,888 Ethereum NFTs is intended to represent membership passes for a future community of collaborators. Illmind aspires to create a community where vocalists and sound engineers may easily find and cooperate with one another.

The producer stated that he will not profit from the music generated as a result of the community, underlining that anything musicians create as a result of the community is 100% theirs.

Illmind stated,

"We're going to throw them in a pot and see what happens."

Knight NFT holders will receive the $KNIGHT token in exchange for completing cooperation challenges, which can be redeemed for various incentives such as recording studio access or other advantages. Moonwalk, a Web3 creative platform, created the token.