India PM Modi to say his final words on cryptocurrencies

The Indian government will make its final call on the bill that could possibly jail citizens for illegal use of cryptocurrency.

According to reports, India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will give his final words on the new regulatory framework that its government has been developing to regulate the crypto industry.

Note that the draft of the crypto bill was concluded by the finance ministry of the country, but some sections of the government thought that more details needed to be discussed, based on the report quoting 2 persons familiar with the development.

The meeting is set to happen today. Indian government officials will reach a final decision on the proposed bill. The soonest parliament session will be one of the final meetings on the bill that will include discussion on the aforementioned section.

However, the finance ministry has not yet confirmed the rumors about Modi's future statement on the bill yet. But previously, it was reported that the Indian government will impose real jail time on individuals who will use cryptocurrencies as means of payment.