Internet Might Break if Robinhood Lists SHIB, Says Crypto Analyst

These days, you can't just turn on your mobile phone or laptop without Shiba Inu making the headlines. Shiba Inu keeps scoring as it strives to kill some of its zeros to hit other record highs.

In line with Shiba Inu’s performance, Watcher.Guru tweeted on October 31 that the possibility for the internet to break in case Robinhood adds SHIB is very high.

In addition, Watcher.Guru also tweeted that they couldn't confirm with specific information whether Robinhood will list SHIB or not. Adding to this, the crypto analyst even advised the Shiba Army to be alert.

Furthermore, it seems like Watcher.Guru just made a strong statement out of the blue. SHIB influencers think that the Watcher.Guru’s statement about Shiba Inu is exceptional. Besides, many strongly think the SHIB token still has a good future ahead if it continues to maintain its current pace.