IOHK's Charles Hoskinson Loves Cardano 2022 Roadmap

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder, and CEO of Input-Output (IOHK), the team behind Cardano's blockchain solutions is influenced by the growth achieved by the blockchain platform.

In addition, the CEO of Cardano (ADA) took it to his Twitter to announce what to expect from its next roadmap. Adding to this, he also shared his expectations and impressions of Cardano's next roadmap, which is intended to cover the platform's prospects for 2022.

As per Hoskinson, Cardano (ADA) achieved impressive growth in ecosystem building. He adds,

"I'm really loving how the roadmap for 2022 Cardano is coming together. It's a living ecosystem, growing, refining, adapting, and becoming stronger. The technology is unbelievable and we have so many great innovations coming to meet the hundreds of projects building on Cardano"

In addition, he noted that the year 2022 will be a special year for Cardano, being the first year that will be addressed by the platform with fully activated smart contracts functionality.