Kava Swap, a Cross-Chain Liquidity Hub, Launches in 10 Days

Kava Swap, the cross-chain liquidity bub for DeFi apps and financial services, launches in 10 days.

Kava Swap | Image: Kava.io

Kava Labs, the developer behind the platform, announced today on Twitter that the Kava Swap mainnet is going live on August 30, at 14:00 UTC.

According to the team, the Kava Swap mainnet would allow users and investors to buy, trade, and earn cryptos within the Kava ecosystem easily.

Based on the company's blog, the team introduced the Kava Swap platform which is a cross-chain Autonomous Market Making (AMM) Protocol on May 12 of this year.

Kava Swap is an app developed on the Kava blockchain platform. It aims to leverage Kava’s existing validators for security. Also, the platform intends to bridge cross-chain asset transfer and partner services. This includes Chainlink oracles for price-reference data.

Moreover, the team added that the Kava Swap platform allows the aggregation of the capital, where they deploy it across many DeFi Apps, blockchain ecosystems, and Financial Services.

Kava Swap is the third synergistic support of the Kava DeFi ecosystem. It drives great growth in existing apps, including the Kava Lending App and the HARD money market products.

Further, the team stated that Kava Swap lets users swap between assets of various blockchains. With this, users can deploy their capital into market-making pools where they can earn attractive returns.

Based on the publication on the medium blog, the Kava platform allows users to avoid off-ramping problems when converting cross-chain assets. Also, it allows users to swap reward tokens for their desired currency all within the platform.