LeBron James' foundation collaborates with Crypto.com

LeBron James and his Akron, Ohio-based charity, the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF), have partnered with cryptocurrency platform Crypto.com.

LeBron James's foundation enters multi-year partnership with Crypto.com
LeBron James crypto | Image: Optimisus

The multi-year partnership, announced on Friday, aims to provide underserved communities with crypto and blockchain-related education and resources, as well as to boost innovation and job opportunities in decentralized applications.

These resources will be included in the LJFF curriculum at the I PROMISE School, a public school established by the LJFF to assist students who have fallen behind in traditional schooling.

"Blockchain technology is transforming our economy, sports and entertainment, the arts, and how we interact with one another."

"I want to make sure that communities like mine are not left behind," James said in a statement. In addition, he also said that Crypto.com and he agree on the importance of educating and supporting his community with the information and tools they require for inclusion.

James is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. Crypto.com has also signed multi-year contracts with Los Angeles-based teams such as the Angel City Football Club, as well as spending $700 million to rename the Los Angeles Staples Center — where the Lakers play — after itself.