Litecoin (LTC) users can now use LTC anywhere VISA is accepted

Litecoin announced that it now allows its users to make payments anywhere VISA is accepted. In addition, the open-source software project shared with its Twitter followers that Litecoin, the 14th crypto by market cap is accepted anywhere VISA is accepted.

Moreover, Litecoin Foundation has taken to Twitter on November 14, saying,

"Litecoin is accepted anywhere VISA is.. the Litecoin Card converts $LTC at the time of purchase. You can also connect the card with the Litewallet_App"

Note that, crypto has gained ground in customer finance, as it has become easier to use digital coins for daily payments. Since its establishment, Litecoin has seen tremendous acceptance and usage among customers and merchants and was among the top-ten digital assets by market cap for a long time.

Now that the 14th crypto will be accepted anywhere VISA is, consumers can now use LTC to pay for any products or services that accept VISA card payments, including online shopping, digital services, retailers, restaurants, and more.

Additionally, the team said that the VISA debit card that Litecoin issued converts the crypto into US dollars in minutes. According to the firm, there won't be additional transaction fees or deposit fees for using the VISA debit card, but a flat monthly fee of $5.