Magic Eden, a Solana NFT marketplace, has expanded to Ethereum

The platform stated that it intends to offer multichain solutions for NFT makers and collectors and has already developed a number of tools to that end.

According to a press release, Solana's (SOL) top NFT marketplace Magic Eden has announced that it will now allow Ethereum (ETH) NFTs on its platform.

The platform announced its intention to offer multichain solutions for NFT authors and collectors and has already introduced a number of tools to that end.

These include the Magic Eden Launchpad with ETH/SOL interoperability, the Magic Eden Drop Calendar, and the Magic Eden List for whitelisting and audience targeting. The platform also plans to introduce other cross-chain trade analytics capabilities soon.

The first cross-chain NFT collection EZU will go live soon, according to the press release.

Psychedelics Anonymous' sister project on Ethereum, EZU, will make its debut on the Solana-based NFT market. Users will have the option of minting in SOL or ETH.

Co-founder of the platform Zhuoxun Yin said,

“Creators launching with Magic Eden will no longer have to face the difficult decision of choosing one chain over another at the cost of limiting their potential audience reach.”

The Magic Eden List, according to Yin, is a "white label marketplace solution" that caters to the demands of producers and is totally free.

Also, CEO of Magic Eden, Jack Lu, stated that the first step toward achieving that ambition will be the introduction of collector tools like the cross-chain Magic Eden Drop Calendar.

Furthermore, he noted that their efforts will be built upon when cross-currency purchasing functionality for SOL and ETH NFTs is introduced.

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