Moon Boyz NFT Will Send A Random Holder To Space In 2022

Moon Boyz NFT announced it will send a random holder to the space by 2022. ANFT announced the news on Instagram, and Moon Boyz confirmed the news on Twitter.

Moon Boyz NFT urges its NFT community to get ready for the most insane roadmap, saying they should show the world that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are way more than images or artwork.

The NFT platform stated that they would send a random holder to space In 2022. Beyond this, they will provide a ticket to a commercial flight of blue origin.

Note that commercial space flights are more popular and more accessible to the public, with tickets ranging from 200,000$ to 600,000$. The Moon Boyz NFT team added that they would hold a contest between interested holders to giveaway the ticket.

According to the website, Moon Boyz is a collection of 11,000 unique ERC-721 tokens running on the Ethereum Blockchain. The collectibles are unique and 3D designed. In addition, each NFT comes with a membership to an ever-growing community and utilities.

Moon Boyz NFT Will Send A Random Holder To Space In 2022
Moon Boyz NFT | Image: Moon Boyz Twitter

Furthermore, the team stressed that getting a moon boy will allow a user to be part of a motivated community that takes part in exciting events in the real world. And also online while obtaining exclusives benefits, gifts, and more.

What is more, once all 11,111 Moon Boyz will be minted and ready to take off, they will start their mission to build all the real-world and online utilities they need to achieve their mission.