NBA Star Stephen Curry Joins the Crypto Family

After joining the Bored Ape Yacht family, NBA star Stephen Curry has decided to join the crypto industry.

On Tuesday, Stephen Curry took to his 15+ million followers on his official Twitter account to post that he is just getting started in the crypto game. Thus he needs some advice.

In addition, many people from the crypto and tech industries replied. Marques Brownlee known as MKBHD is a legendary YouTube tech reviewer who responded, "Yes. Ignore all Twitter crypto advice."

However, another Twitter account wasn't ok with MKBHD advice so he said,

"Pretty terrible advice tbh, social media is what you make of it, your timeline depends on who you follow and who you choose to listen to, there's a lot of noise but if you filter it right, you will come across a lot of alpha."

A Twitter account also replied to the tweet telling the NBA star to play the play-to-earn crypto game, Axie Infinity as "it has an established reputation, proven by time that it is definitely worth the time invested."

Last week, the National Football League (NFL) banned teams from accepting cryptocurrency sponsors.