New study shows Metaverse real estate sales to increase over $5 billion by 2026

More people will be drawn to participating in the social ecology the metaverse holds as it develops into a more palpable and vivid reality.

This tendency is specifically anticipated to have an impact on the metaverse's real estate investment sector.

According to a new study, Technavio's analysis of the global market was released in a press release on July 22 and predicts that the value of this metaverse land market would continue to rise exponentially.

In fact, the market research company found that by 2026, the value of virtual real estate in the metaverse is predicted to rise by $5.37 billion.

Two distinct sources are predicted to fuel this increase. First, a more mixed reality experience will gradually take over the metaverse.

The platforms that visitors may use, where they can annotate images and decode tags for a range of application-specific goals, will gain more value as a result of this.

Second, it has to do with the rising acceptance of cryptocurrencies, which will make this kind of real estate more widely available and simple to buy in order to sell or rent, giving its owners the chance to generate money from the sale or rental of the property.

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