domain sells for around $15 million

One of the most expensive domain name sales in history occurred with the estimated $15 million price tag for the domain name

According to a news statement, employees at URL brokers Domainer and, and arranged the sale, which was made public on Wednesday, for an unnamed buyer.

The amount of the sale is second only to that of the domain name, which a cryptocurrency company paid $30 million for in 2019.

No official intentions for what will be hosted on have been made public, according to Domainer, who also noted that the buyer "had associations with other web3 ventures, such as, which offers a curated web3 service to artists."

The announcement coincides with a booming market for so-called web3 domain names. Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain names often sell for tens of thousands of dollars, but no sale has yet approached the dizzying heights of web2 domain names.

A pseudonymous ENS collector by the name of sunnybay.eth purchased Sony.eth in July for $72,000. The second-largest sale measured in both ether and dollars occurred earlier that month when the domain 000.eth was bought for 300 ETH (worth $315,000 at the time).

The price paid for paradigm.eth, which was acquired in October 2021 for 420 ETH (about $1.5 million at the time), was the highest so far for an ENS domain. Despite its name, Paradigm, a cryptocurrency investing firm, apparently denied making the purchase.

A few more clues also pointed to the possibility of a prank, although an expensive one.

Unstoppable Domains, meanwhile, said in July that its most recent financing had resulted in a $1 billion valuation.

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