OpenSea's 'Seaport' NFT Marketplace allows users to specify NFT criteria

On Friday, OpenSea unveiled 'Seaport,' its newest NFT marketplace, which offers numerous fulfillment options for listings.

OpenSea NFT

The marketplace will provide users with novel ways to buy and sell NFTs, such as the possibility for bids to pay for NFTs with assets other than crypto.

According to OpenSea's blog post, every Seaport listing will have the same basic format, including an updated EIP-712 signature payload that specifies what can be spent and what will be returned.

When making offers, traders will be able to define the criteria they want in each given NFT, as well as the part of the collection they prefer. Tipping will be permitted as long as it does not surpass the original NFT offer, according to the post.

"As usage rises and developers construct new changing use-cases, we are all accountable for keeping each other safe," OpenSea added, emphasizing that Seaport would be an independent open-source protocol on which numerous developers may build.

In addition to Trail of Bits, OpenZeppelin undertook a security audit of the protocol, which found no notable vulnerabilities at the time.

However, OpenSea's recent announcement has elicited varied reactions on Crypto Twitter, with some expressing concern about how the concept will operate and others pointing out that the 0x v4 protocol's NFT swaps offer a similar value proposition.

OpenSea has been compelled to step up its pursuit for NFT dominance, strengthening its features and spreading to other blockchain networks such as Solana.

It also just purchased Gem, an NFT marketplace place aggregator, to further improve the experience of its users.