Orderinbox introduces a brand new social NFT marketplace for the Metaverse

Orderinbox, the metaverse's social NFT marketplace, has gone live to the general public.

Orderinbox, the social NFT marketplace for the metaverse has officially launched to the public.
Image: Orderinbox

Orderinbox stands out among the swarm of marketplaces swarming to this fascinating new arena as the go-to platform for 1/1 artists and brands wishing to enter the metaverse without any language or barriers.

Orderinbox said that its NFT marketplace has a social component. Within the platform, creators can grow their fan bases, explore collaborative opportunities, and develop strong peer relationships.

In addition, Orderinbox SNFXTM, which depends on built-in smart network effects, claims it gives creators more visibility for their digital products. Because of these built-in capabilities, each NFT gives a fresh opportunity for a developer to expand their network.

"The site features a community-curated marketplace as well as a personalized, yet objective, chronological social stream that gives all users prominence," the team noted.

Furthermore, the team emphasizes that the layout ensures that each creator's profile and work have an equal chance of being discovered by potential collectors.

Orderinbox has whitelisted a few hundred customers worldwide to test things out over the last few weeks, many of whom are completely new to NFTs.

During the whitelisting period, creators praised the platform's simplicity for making it simple for them to sign up and begin selling right away.

Because of the community's support, they were able to mint and sell their first NFTs almost immediately after they were listed.

Participants witnessed an increase in sales and a strong bond formed among community members, which the Orderinbox team is working to sustain as the site grows.